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On all days, within the festival area

Figurentheater Margrit Gysin and Zipfelmutz perform at different spots within the festival area on all 3 days. Find the precise performance time and place in the program booklet. You can order it online or get it from the vendors or the info booths within the festival area.

Figurentheater Margrit Gysin (CH, Liestal) – Puppen-Erzähl-Theater

Figurentheater Margrit Gysin


Margrit Gysin
: storyteller, performer

School in monkey country: predictably, the rules here are different from those we know from our schools. For instance, pupils learn to eat bananas, with top marks going to the monkey who eats in the ugliest way. Welcome to the land of milk and monkey!

Zipfelmutz (CH, Bern) – Drachen-Expeditions-Berichte

External Page: Zipfelmutz

„Dragoflacos verrückte Drachengeschichte“

Joachim Flach: storyteller & adventurer

Text englisch (max. 260 Zeichen inkl. Leerzeichen) What actually lives in Lake Wohlen? Was the last 1st of August firework display up on the Gurten the work of a dragon? World renown researcher Dracoflaco reveals these mysteries and reports on his hair-raising adventures. Suspense guaranteed!

On Friday and Saturday, August 11 and 12, 2017 from 3pm on

Kids, check it out! The Münsterplattform will be transformed in a huge playground on Friday and Saturday.

External Page: Program for kids at Buskers Bern

Schmuck & Kitsch mit Schnippe di Schnapp

External Page: Kinderschminken, Mehndi

Friday and Saturday 3 – 7pm

With Beatrix Vuille & Sevda Karakus (SWE/TUR/CH)

You can design your own jewellery.


Zoom: Zuckeria ROSA WOLKE

Friady and Saturday 3 – 8pm

Transform yourself into a tiger, a pirate or whatever you wish.

Create your galaxy!

Zoom: Musikinstrumente herstellen mit Schnippe di Schnapp

Friday and Saturday 3 – 8pm

Create your own colourful galaxy!

Kid's flea market - from kids, for kids

Zoom: Kinderflohmi - von Kindern für Kinder

Saturday from 4pm

Meeting point for all little sellers: Saturday 4pm in front of the pavillion on the Münsterplattform (south-west corner of the cathedral). Bring your own floor covering.