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BB17 Thank You

Photos pad Buskers Bern / Matthias Luggen /  Philipp Zinniker

Artist Feedback


[…] Thank you for all the hospitality, the care, the great energy you gave us.
Your smiles and the whole atmosphere will follow us for long time!
I want you to know that we are really impressed by your festival.
How it takes care of all the artists invited, how well organised it its and how beautifully you are spreading your greatest energy. […]
Thanx for everything!!!
D&D (Merlin Puppet Theatre)

Clouds at Buskers Bern 2017

Well, what can I say … I have never in my life seen and taken part in a better organised festival in such a wonderful place. All the time we were there, myself and Ray wanted for nothing because everything was there before us, food, drink, smiles, laughter, assistance, crowds and of course entertainment. Our job was made so much easier by the spirit of cooperation which seemed to run rich in the veins of Buskers Bern. To each and everyone involved I say heartfelt thank you.
Ian Bordley, Clouds.

Guy Verlinde at Buskers Bern 2017

I wanna thank you for the warm welcome you gave me once again.
I wish you all the best of luck for future editions of the festival. And I hope you can keep on finding the energy to continue, when there are setbacks. Because Buskers Bern is really extraordinary.

All the best & I am sure we will meet again.
Guy Verlinde

⁄Shishko at Buskers Bern 2017

Hi Christine,
I want to tell you again how much I appreciated and enjoyed Bern.
It was in some ways the most fulfilling musical experience of my life.   
Better than playing headline stages in big festivals.
It was the personal touch and the amazing heartfelt organisation of you and your team that makes it so amazing. the crowds are so loving. and the intimacy that was formed between the bands in just a weekend. AMAZING!
Thank You.
Moshe Zehavi, Shishko