Attentat Fanfare @ Buskers Bern 2015

The 13th annual Buskers Bern Street Music Festival is taking place from Thursday, August 11 through Saturday, August 13. Between 6 pm and 12 pm, 140 professional musicians and performance artists from all continents will enliven Bern‘s Old Town with their exciting rhythms, fun-filled comedy and a variety of theatrical acts. 41 different groups from 25 different nations will perform 370 shows at 25 venues in Bern's Lower Old Town between Clock Tower and Bear Park.

For the press

Soon, you'll find here the complete dossier of Buskers Bern 2016 and promo pictures, logos and the poster for downloading.

Program-booklet & festival-bracelets

Buskers Bern needs you: Support the festival by buying a festival-bracelet & program-booklet for only CHF 10.00 or CHF 20.00 for patrons including free entry to the Buskershouse to help us defray costs and keep the buskers coming. Bracelets for kids: CHF 5.00, without booklet.

You can buy the festival-bracelet & program-booklet in different ticket offices or order it in our shop. During the festival, there are a lot of volunteers selling the festival-bracelet & booklet on-site. They are all wearing a pink balloon.

Programmheft & Festivalbändeli Buskers Bern 2016

Quick Info

The complete program with the exact showtimes and -places is published in the printed program-booklet

Several shops downtown sell the booklet, also, you'll find festival volunteers selling the booklet in the streets

The festival is taking place in any weather. Watch this space for any changes to the program (or follow us @buskersbern). Check the weather here.

There is NO OFF-FESTVAL (no possibility to perform for uninvited artists)
We do not allow performances by groups not listed on the program in our festival area (Kornhausplatz - Nydeggbrücke).

Use public transportation – Buskers Bern does not provide any parking space.

Urgent! Buskers Bern still needs 90 volunteers!

Helfer/innen am Buskers Bern

We need your support. Register now! Already registered? Then tell friends, family and colleagues to be part of Buskers Bern 2016!

What makes me a thirteen-time volunteer? It is mainly to say THANK YOU Christine and Lisette Wyss and their team for the joy and pleasure this huge and peaceful festival creates.
Andreas Jöhl-Phillips im Editorial zur 13. Ausgabe Buskers Bern

Thank you!

Buskers Bern takes place thanks to you
Hat money for the artists - bracelets and membership of Buskers Bern for the organisation.
Merci viu mau!
Buskers Bern is a non-profit- and low-budget-event without any sponsoring.