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Artists: Application for 2015

Applications for the 12th edition of Buskers Bern, August 6 - 8, 2015, will be accepted as from November 1, 2014. Earlier applications are not considered in any way. There is no application form, nor is there an official closing date. Scheduling will usually be completed by the end of May. Thank you for your understanding.
Please check our terms and conditions for artists below.

Buskers Bern 2014: Merci! Danke! Gracias! Thank You! Obrigado! Grazie!

Buskers Bern

Artist feedback

Buskers Bern artists wrote in some beautiful E-Mails. Thank You!

It's been a month now that we left Bern and we are still feeling the energy of the festival!!! We want you to know that we've been to amazing places and venues around Europe, but the Buskers Bern experience is one of our favorite ever!!
We had one of the best times of our lives, we made new friends from all over the world and we admired how all your team and volunteers work together to give this amazing result. It was an honor for us to play there and work with your fantastic team and along with all these wonderful artists!
Congratulations to all of you and thank you for you hospitality and your energy. This is definitely not the last you'll hear from us!
A big hug to all of you and our best wishes!!!
Kompanía (Greece)

I would like to congratulate you and your whole staff for the wonderful experience Buskers Bern became for me. Next to the very nice financial part & cd sales, this festival will linger in my memory as one of the most extraordinary venues I ever played.
I am very happy that you and your sister were crazy enough to start this endeavour and after 11 years still know how to infect all volunteers & musicians with your enthusiasm. This is very special. May the light of Buskers Bern shine for many years into the future.
Lightnin’ Guy

Merci pour cette super organisation...la classe!!
vous avez même réussit à organiser le soleil...vous êtes trop forts!!! hehe
 un grand bisou à toute l'équipe du Buskers et a tous ces bénévoles super sympas!!!
Nino G., Swiss Beatbox Masters

Grazie mille!! Thank you so much for the beautiful experience in Buskers Bern!
It has been really a pleasure to perform in this festival, to meet you and all the artists in a very special and unique atmosphere.
You did a great job, and it is not obvious to find together professionality, kindness, organisation, enthusiasm, all this in the same festival, so congatulations, complimenti!
Grazie ancora and big hugs to you and all the volounteers,
Laura and Lorenzo, Compagnia ZiBa

Buskers Bern

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Buskers Bern

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