The booklet contains all the info you need: Artist descriptions, show times and maps to guide you through the festival.

Buskers Bern festival-bracelet & program-booklet

Show your support - fairplay and point of honour!

Your purchase of one or more festival-bracelets with program-booklets for CHF 10 helps us defray costs and keep the buskers coming to Bern - point of honour!

Kids get a bracelet (without booklet) for only CHF 5.

The patron's price of the festival-booklet is CHF 20. The included black color bracelet gets you inside all three Buskershouse parties at no additional cost.

Preorder yours now

Buskers Bern is not for profit, low-budget and possible only thanks to 300+ volunteers and your contribution. Thank you.

The printed version includes the full timetable of all shows. Order your copy here or visit one of our presale shops (presale starts 24 July till 9 August). During the festival, you can buy the program booklets at different sellingpoints and from flying salespeople. Click here to have a look at the free online version (without timetable).

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Festival-bracelet & program-booklet (blue)


Festival-bracelet & program-booklet (patron version, black), includes entry to all three Buskershouse parties


Festival-bracelet (kids, orange), without program-booklet