Artists in the old town of Berne

Around 150 artists from all around the world are going to perform during 3 days in Berne's old town - an UNESCO World Heritage Site. Visitors are asked to buy a bracelet to support Buskers Bern. The artists are not paid a fixed fee. The audience tip the buskers directly into their hats! Please be generous.

Exoot with Scubabianchi @ Buskers Bern

Program 2017

The program of this years festival is completed:

Adaya (CH, Bern/USA/NL) - Psychedelic Celtic Folk

External Page: Adaya

Adaya Lancha Bairacli: vocals, guitar, banjo
Moniek de Leeuw: fiddle
Buck Curran: e-guitar
Corinne Windler: drums
Aaron Goldsmith: guitarrón (mexican acoustic bass), sitarbass

This folk band’s unusual line-up draws many an ear with its melodic Mexican acoustic bass and ambient guitar riffs. Adaya’s psychedelic Celtic groove carries us off to the Emerald Isle with a view out over wild Atlantic. A pint of Guinness, sláinte!

Albin Bruns NAH Quartett (CH) - Neue Volksmusik

External Page: Albin Bruns NAH Quartett

Albin Brun: schwyzerörgeli (swiss
diatonic button accordion), composition
Andy Gabriel: violin
Marc Unternährer: tuba
Andy Aegerter: drums

Albin Brun is among the most prominent figures in new folk music scene. His NAH Quartett’s own compositions sound both foreign and familiar – vivid, unfiltered music full of poetry and drive. One thousand and one alps – virtuoso, playful and moving.

Baumon & (Bern/Berlin) - Jukebox! Soul:Afro:Elektronik

External Page: Baumon &

Baumon: drums & electronica
Florian Favre: piano (nur DO+FR)
Fabian Kalker: electronica (nur SA)

Electronic music at its best – 1st time at Buskers Bern! Three multi-talents, each in a duo: Simon Baumann (> Stephan Eicher, Mario Batkovic, Marvin Gaye remix for series Ray Donovon) with the outstanding Florian Favre and Fabian Kalker, Berlin’s techno luminary.

Ça va valser (FR) - Grande Fête Accordéon

External Page: Ca va valser

Corentin Restif: accordion
Frédéric Labasthe: accordion
Géraldine Pignol: accordion
Aude Combettes: accordion
Sévérine Bruniau: accordion
Gaëtan Bouillet: accordion

The name says a great deal – but by no means all: dance party, street theatre, choreographed and interactive musical extravaganza! Unplugged but on fire, the six accordionists ignite the asphalt and their audience. Dansez, les ours de Berne!

Classycool (UK/HUN) - Dynamic Classical Music

External Page: Classycool

Laci Olah: violin
Elona Laurie: violin
Sally Wragg: viola
Ezme Gaze: cello

Is evening dress required to enjoy classical music? Not when you listen to these virtuosi string players. With catchy enthusiasm and joy this quartet brings original versions of famous classics into the streets. Rock me Amadeus.

Clouds (UK/IRL) - Folk Singer-Songwriter


Ian Bordley: vocals, acoustic guitar, flute, ukulele
Ray Coen: vocals, acoustic guitar, fiddle

One from Ireland, one from England, debating and performing together for 15 years – a musical peace process. Drawing from a well of Irish and English Trad, Rock and Punk, with a fine selection of original compositions they can go from Folk to Floyd in a heartbeat.

Compagnie Mobil (NL) - Pannen-Comedy

External Page: Compagnie Mobil

"Sulky M1"

Aat Dirks: performer
Merel Voorsluis: technician

His goal: impress the ladies. Conditions: perfect, all the essentials: a moustache, fancy duds and – most important – a cool car. Alas, nearly everything goes wrong – a fire here, uncontrollable honking there, smoke everywhere... Will he win his lady’s heart?

Compagnie Pelele (FR) - Bissiges Kasperlitheater mit Livemusik

External Page: Compagnie Pelele

"Les funestes épousailles de Don

Paz Tatay: puppeteer
Marie de Nazelle: puppeteer
Christophe Sabatié: musician 

without words
age: 10+

The life of grumpy old miser Don Cristobal is turned upside down when a woman plunges him into the travails of love and parenthood. Satire, tempo and live music are the mainstays of this multiple award-winning production. Bitingly dark puppet theatre!

Demain on change tout (FR) - Riesen-Vogelmensch & sein Orchester

External Page: Demain on change tout

"L’Homme Oiseau & son Chimère

Florent Maton: musician
Marwen Kammarti: musician
Pierre Chaumié
: musician
Gino Dominique-Bilheur: actor, musician
François Fablet: actor
Sarah Letouzey: puppeteer
Max Gillet: puppeteer
Pascaline Vion: technician

Violins, horns, a captain and a trader accompany the travelling birdman. Music is his breathe, dance is his language and interaction his gift: wherever it appears, the weird and colourful music-making troupe sucks the audience into its fascinating world.

Duo Laos (ARG/ESP) - Acrobalance & Tango

External Page: Duo Laos

"Otros Aires"

Mercedes Martin Garcia: acrobat, dancer
Pablo Raffo: acrobat, dancer

Affected flirtation runs through this tango and ballet performance between a strapping hunk and a stern figure of grace, eventually culminating in an astonishing hand-to-hand number. The two diametric characters harmonize perfectly: farewell to gravitation!

Electric Circus (NL) - Animatronics and Robotics

External Page: Electric Circus


Mirjam Langemeijer: inventor, performer
Fred Abels: inventor, performer
Rolf Meesters: inventor, performer

always till 11pm

Slip under and pull it on: short shows in huge heads – spend a moment immersed in a micro-universe. Everything you see and hear is really there. An ingeniously impressive combination of puppetry, mechanics and electronics!

Exoot (NL) - Rollendes Surprise-Vehikel

External Page: Exoot - Ami6


Tristan Kruithof: performer, director
Jasper Hupkens: performer

Always on the road, always on the lookout for a new adventure: Ami6 is in town, and the streets will never be the same. The little car boogies, flirts, talks and, be warned, sometimes gets a bit cheeky. An old-timer with youthful charm!

Exoot (NL) - Vintage DJ-Mobil

External Page: Exoot - Radio Barkas de Luxe

"Radio Barkas de Luxe"

Erik Snoek: performer

A record player now sits where the driver used to: vintage music pours out of the old GDR van, the Netherlands’ smallest radio station – from bluegrass to soul stirring exotica, forgotten hits and old gems, discovered by the vinyl-hunting Barkas DJs. Dance!

Figurentheater Margrit Gysin (CH, Liestal) - Puppen-Erzähl-Theater

Figurentheater Margrit Gysin


Margrit Gysin
: storyteller, performer

School in monkey country: predictably, the rules here are different from those we know from our schools. For instance, pupils learn to eat bananas, with top marks going to the monkey who eats in the ugliest way. Welcome to the land of milk and monkey!

Forró Miór (IT/ARG/ANG/BRA/DE) - Forró Música e Dança / Latin Jazz

External Page: Forró Miór

Nicolas Farruggia: vocals, guitar
Aldo Milani: sax
Alberto Becucci: accordion
Walter Martins: triangle
Timoteo Grignani: zabumba (bras. Basstrommel), pandeiro (bras. Tamburin) Atila Alves Silva: dancer
Serena Kirst: dancer

Forró transforms Bern’s staid lanes into the hot beach promenades of Fortaleza or Recife – a festival of Brazilian dance and music! Mixed with Latin, jazz, swing, samba, cumbia and milonga, the show becomes an explosive, top-flight Latin bash – a gozar!

Frietcowboys (NL/UK) - Interaktive Fritten-Kanone


Bart Sabel: creator, cowboy, potato
Tara Downs: cowgirl, chips specialist

Real cowboys don’t buy their chips in a paper carton, they shoot ’em themselves. Aim the potato cannon at the grate strung with piano strings – and the cut up pieces fall straight into deep-fryer to sizzle away: ultra-fresh, high velocity chips!

Gabriela Mendes & Band (Cabo Verde) - Trad. Musik aus Kapverden

External Page: Gabriela Mendes & Band

Gabriela Mendes: vocals
Antonio Vieira: keys, cavaquinho
Paulo Bouwman: guitar
Francelino Silva: bass
Walter Matos: drums

The remote archipelago off the West African coast is the cradle of the melancholic morna, the fast, danceable caladeira and the exuberant funaná. Gabriela brings the rich spectrum of traditional Cape Verdean music to the streets of Bern – saudade e alegria!

La Gâpette (FR, Bretagne) - Chanson Musette’n’Roll

External Page: La Gâpette

Rodolphe Cornier: vocals
Hélène Provost: accordion
Pierre-Luc Martin: banjo, guitar
François Minous: sax
Gaël Ros: contrabass
Dominique Berlan
: drums

Always protected by their gâpettes (berets), with their “chansons muzouches”, this sextet mixes styles from musette, manouche and rock. Profound and enthusiastic lyrics right from a Breton bistro – un hommage plein d’énergie à l’humanité.

Georg Traber (CH, Waadt) - Messerwerfmaschine

External Page: Georg Traber

"Till Trifft"

Georg Traber
: creator, performer
language: german
duration: 20 min.

Till is a knife-thrower, a job for the strong willed. He hits his targets. But now the clever fellow has built a machine that throws… and hits. Subject becomes object. Technically impressive and sophisticated. May all the calculations be correct!

Goronwy Thom (UK) - Street Comedy

Goronwy Thom

Goronwy Thom: streetperformer

Controlled chaotic cabaret packed with black humour and excellent improvisation incl. circus trickery from a talented performer – known from Buskers 2015, “Garaghty & Thom”: He will take anything and anyone up into his act, as it suits at the moment.

Los Grumildos (PERU/ESP) - Puppen-Bordell

External Page: Los Grumildos

"Mechanical Puppet Installation"

Ety Fefer
: creator
Pepperino Oligor: technician

Inspired by Lima’s red-light scene, the mechanically driven Grumildos are mythical, amoral beings. Boozing, coupling and dancing, these outsiders populate a walk-in miniature universe. Charmingly grotesque and impressive.

Guy Verlinde (BEL) - Roots & Blues

External Page: Guy Verlinde

Guy Verlinde: guitars (slide guitar, weissenborn guitar, resonator guitars),
vocals, harmonica, suitcase drums

This Fleming may never have picked cotton, but his stories touch a chord of wide open spaces, hurt and hope: „In a world of plastic and virtuality, people want real things”. An authentic, emotional and high energetic One Man Band -  balm for blues souls.

Hot Club of Dublin Tango Fiesta (IRL/ARG/FR/RUS/CRO) -
The Jazz Age Tango

External Page: Hot Club of Dublin Tango Fiesta

Tango Fiesta:
Kristina Chaloir: vocals, dancer
Julian Brigatti: dancer
Hot Club of Dublin:
Fintan Gilligan: guitar, vocals
Oleg Ponomarev: violin
Drazen Derek: guitar
John Gilligan: double bass, vocals

Internationally acclaimed 'Tango Fiesta', led by Kristina Chaloir, joins forces with 'The Hot Club of Dublin' - Irish based international outfit - to recreate the spirit of 'The Jazz Age Tango' which in early 1930's became the unofficial spirit of 'Hot Club de France'.

Jorge da Rocha (POR) - Electro-Acoustic Fusion

External Page: Jorge da Rocha

Jorge da Rocha: double bass, vocals, loop station

What a wealth of possibilities the combination of double bass, loop station and celestial vocals produces! Jorge’s one-man-cosmos creates magical moments with original pieces and infectious covers, from Björk to Radiohead to Massive Attack. Hallucinatory!

Joshua Monten (USA/IT/DE/UK) – Joyful Combat Dance

External Page: Joshua Monten

"Litte Joy" (supported by SSA-FARS)

Joshua Monten: choreographer
Francesca Imoda: dancer
Amadeus Pawlica: dancer
Jack Wignall: dancer

The joys of stage combat come to the street. Punches, slaps and kicks are built into an intricate choreography for three charmingly violent dancers. This is serious play, hilariously tragic, and thrilling to watch.

Katerina Tsiridou & Rebétiko Band (GR) - Rebétika & Smyrneïka

External Page: Katerina Tsiridou

Katerina Tsiridou: vocals, baglamas
Thodoris Xintaris: bouzouki, vocals
Nikos Protopapas: guitar, vocals
Dimitris Gkinis: accordion
Evi Kanellou: percussion

Mezze, Retsina & Ouzo, parakaló! In the 1920s, refugees brought the smyrneïka from the Middle Eastern cafés of Izmir/Smyrna to Athens, where it encountered the songs of the Rebétika, a local subculture. Atmospherically intense, authentic, modernly interpreted: world class!

Merlin Puppet Theatre (GR) - Puppenirrsinn

External Page: Merlin Puppet Theater

"Clowns' Houses"

Dimitris Stamou: director, puppeteer, performer
Demy Papada: puppeteer, performer

without words, age: 15+
duration: 25 min.
entry with festival bracelet only

Trapped in their accustomed routines, the odd characters muddle along in their dreary modern flats. “Merlin” are dramatizing their obsessions until they finally liberate them with the most violent manner. „A puppet theory for the human nothing“ – impressive!

Min King (CH, Schaffhausen) - Mundart Soul

External Page: Min King

Philipp Albrecht: vocals
Philipp Labhart: trumpet (DO+SA)
Niklaus Hürny: trumpet (FR)
Roger Greipl: sax
David Aro: keyboards
Boris Aebischer: guitar
Andreas Penkov: bass
René Albrecht: drums

Hey! The dialect-drenched soul sound of these seven men from North-eastern Switzerland grooves “hoch obe ufem Chriesibaum – am Bluemeweg” and here, just before the release of their second album in the fall, exclusively at Buskers Bern. Catchy new numbers in Schaffhauser dialect – with the energy of the Rhine Falls.

Mory Samb & Djam Rek (SEN/CH) - Afro Worldmusic

External Page: Mory Samb & Djam Rek

Mory Samb: vocals, ngoni (afrik. Laute), dumdum
Manuel Siebs: percussion, vocals
Claudio von Arx: sax
Lukas Wyss: trombone
Tobi Diggelmann: keys
Jürg Schmidhauser: bass
Samuel Baur: drums, vocals

Mory’s life growing up in a Senegalese griot family was infused with music, song and dance. Now as he shares the stories with ngoni, drums and song, he is backed by his top-flight band. Open your heart & your senses, roll your hips and share the joy!

Nina Burri (CH, Bern) - Schlangenmensch

External Page: Nina Burri

Nina Burri: contortionist

Plug your ears with your feet? Comb your hair with your toes? No problem at all for Nina Burri! Having learned the art of contortion in China, the Bern native is now wowing the whole world as a snake woman.

Nobody Reads (CAN/CH, Basel) - Indierock Garage Blues

External Page: Nobody Reads

Sarah Reid: vocals
Nick Nobody: guitar, backing vocals
Florian Haas-Schneider: drums

The three-person band celebrates a charismatic mix of rebellious indie rock, balladesque Americana blues and driving soul – between harsh reality and absurd reveries. Unique vocals coupled with unbridled enthusiasm – infectious!

RAST (CH, Bern) - Video-Mapping

External Page: RAST


Adrian Demleitner, Anna-Pierina Godenzi, Birgit Pfister, Jacqueline Schnyder, Julia Geiser, Michael Grimm, Michelle Benz, Nadja Matti, Samuel Hagnauer: creators
Elux Nano: mapping

Rigid for centuries above Bern Minster’s portal, the figures from the Last Judgement are set in motion: RAST brings bloodthirsty demons, foolish virgins, grinning devil faces and the pincer-wielding, cock-pinching Schnäbizwicker to life, telling their stories anew.

Rebel Academy (CH,Bern) - Interaktive Audio-Installation

External Page: Rebel Academy

Lisette Wyss: inventor, creator

It’s high time to awaken your slumbering rebels – the world needs them now more than ever!  Don’t clench fists out of sight or join the ranks of “enraged citizens”. Let it out, stand up and vow to change what you feel needs changing.

Rebel Radio (FR/CH, Bern) - Umherziehende Kopfhörerdisco

Rebel Radio

Pascal Thalmann: host
Marion Zurbach: host

start: Münsterplatz
duration: 40 min.

(you can join/leave during the Kopfhörerdisco)

The voices in your head send you on a mission, for no good reason, throw you into the great revolt of small things. For it is the demand for things that first grants them meaning. Irrelevances, dance for more attention, this is your chance!

Regime (UK) - Reggae Hip Hop

External Page: Regime

Jez Jo King: vocals
Eli Jitsuto: guitar
Charlie Davidson-Howell: bass
Uri Green: electronics, percussion
Theo Grinshaw: drums

Many great bands got their start in Bristol, and Regime is one of them. Influenced by Rage Against the Machine, Dead Prez and The Roots, they turn up the heat with strong melodies and politically charged lyrics. Dancing for free thinking people - Yeah!

San Salvador (FR, Corrèze) - World Music A Cappella: Polyphonie Occitane

External Page: San Salvador

Thibault Chaumeil: vocals, percussion Gabriel Durif: vocals, tambourine, compositions, arrangements
Eva Durif: vocals
Marion L’Herbeil: vocals, percussion
Laure Nonique-Desvergnes: vocals
Sylvestre Nonique-Desvergnes: vocals, percussion

No, neither Central America nor Cumbia... The 6 young men and women, (3+3) from the small village of Saint Salvadour (San Salvador in Occitan) electrify with 6 voices, 12 hands, 2 drums and 1 tambourine – poétique, rythmique & magique. Goose bumps guaranteed!

Shishko (ISR/DE/FR/USA) - Oriental Groove Rock

External Page: Shishko

Moshe Zehavi: guitar
Joy Tyson: vocals
Madhav Harridas: sax
Ahmed Eid: bass
Lior Belaish
: drums

Shishko (Turkish: “fat”) speaks more to this multicultural combo’s sound than anything else: a highly infectious blend of Arab, Balkan, rock and funk that no one who loves to dance can resist – whether in Goa, the band’s home base of choice, or in Bern.

The Sporthorses (CH, Zürich) - Bastelelektro

External Page: Sporthorses

Andrea Kirchhofer: vocals, fiddle
Jonas Guggenheim: banjax, bass
Léa Ebert: box
Leonie Herlach: box
Pascal Rüegger: vocals, guitar

between the shows: try it out and play some music!

A trash band with instruments of their own construction, The Sporthorses gallop through the electronic steppe. At the core: the Guggenheim Box! A wooden structure with photoelectric beams triggering various sounds when interrupted. Entirely homemade & 100% whacky!

Tankus the Henge (UK) - Carnival Rock

External Page: Tankus the Henge

Jaz Delorean: vocals, keys, accordion
Tim Fulker: guitar, vocals
George Simmonds: trombone, vocals
Joseph Lancaster: trumpet
Tom Sinnett: bass guitar, vocals
Jamie Shaw: drums, vocals

Musically & visually, this wild outfit is like something sprung forth from a London fair of times past, the charismatic front man as though from a Terry Gilliam film. This grabs you – like being in a little boat in a churning sea. No land in sight, party ahoy!

Tombs Creatius (ESP, Catalonia) - Interaktiver Spielpark

External Page: Tombs Creatius - Monster Colours

"Monster Colours"

Joan Domingo: technician
Bruna Tomas: technician

One needs dexterity and coordination to take on these 25 well-travelled little wooden monsters, as well as a bit of luck. The colourful games invite passersby to play, challenging both young and old.

Tombs Creatius (ESP, Catalonia) - 90 Sekunden Solo-Reise

External Page: Tombs Creatius - The Trip

Toni Tomas: creator, actor
age: 14+

Almost every second minute, someone disappears into Tombs Creatius’ trailer – the departure point for a fascinating, mysterious voyage, a trip to the self and to the fragile boundary between life and death. A strange and unique experience!

volDaan (NL) - Mind-cracking Illusion

External Page: volDaan


Daan Mathot
: creator, performer
Jan Joost Alberts: performer
without words
duration: 10 min.

A fractious man in a hole defies gravity, which suddenly invents its own rules. Over the course of 10 minutes, the mind balks, reels, plays tricks and mixes reality with illusion – it’ll make your world flip! 

Zero en Conducta (ESP/MEX) - Pantomimisches Tanztheater

External Page: Zero en Conducta

„La dernière danse de Brigitte“

José Puchades (Putxa): director, performer
Julieta Gascón: director, performer
David Maqueda Pavo: assistant director, technician

Tied to her wheelchair, Brigitte flies with her thoughts back to days long forgotten where she meets an old flame  – her great love – and herself as a young girl. An unbelievably precise performance, highly expressive, captivating: world-class!

Zipfelmutz (CH, Bern) - Drachen-Expeditions-Berichte

External Page: Zipfelmutz

„Dragoflacos verrückte Drachengeschichte“

Joachim Flach: storyteller & adventurer

Text englisch (max. 260 Zeichen inkl. Leerzeichen) What actually lives in Lake Wohlen? Was the last 1st of August firework display up on the Gurten the work of a dragon? World renown researcher Dracoflaco reveals these mysteries and reports on his hair-raising adventures. Suspense guaranteed!

No OFF-Festival

No uninvited performers at Buskers Bern