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ڂa va Valser at Buskers Bern 2017

Alors je t'écris depuis le train pour te remercier toi et ton équipe pour l'incroyable travail que vous faites . Nous , artistes, sommes traités comme des rois. Eux, public, sont traités comme des rois servis sur un plateau. On espère que vous vous sentez, àpres cette édition, comme des rois...., Forts et heureux. […]
Merci à toi Christine pour ta foi, ton sourire , ton enervement face la bêtise humaine, et surtout pour ta très grande générosité.
J'espère que nous aurons le plaisir de nous recroiser.
À très bientôt.
Séverine, Ça va Valser

⁄Shishko at Buskers Bern 2017

Hi Christine,
I want to tell you again how much I appreciated and enjoyed Bern.
It was in some ways the most fulfilling musical experience of my life.   
Better than playing headline stages in big festivals.
It was the personal touch and the amazing heartfelt organisation of you and your team that makes it so amazing.
the crowds are so loving and the intimacy that was formed between the bands in just a weekend. AMAZING!
Thank You.
Moshe Zehavi, Shishko

Welcome Dinner at Buskers Bern 2017

[…] Thank you for all the hospitality, the care, the great energy you gave us.
Your smiles and the whole atmosphere will follow us for long time!
I want you to know that we are really impressed by your festival.
How it takes care of all the artists invited, how well organised it its and how beautifully you are spreading your greatest energy. […]
Thanx for everything!!!
D&D (Merlin Puppet Theatre)

Margrit Gysin at Buskers Bern 2017

Nochmals herzlichen Dank für das grossartig organisierte Festival Eure Herzlichkeit und Freude.
Die Arbeit war herausfordernd und hat mich echt weitergebracht.
Mit hellen Sommergrüssen
Margrit, Figurentheater Margrit Gysin

sogar für einen aareschwumm hatte es am samstag nach dem brunch gereicht, das hat besonders spass gemacht.
dir danke ich für die unglaubliche organisation – es ist mir völlig schleierhaft, wie man sowas überhaupt auf die beine stellen und managen kann – chapeau und allergrössten respekt!
Albin Brun

La Gâpette dit Merci!

Je profite d'un tout petit moment plus calme pour remercier à nouveau toute ton équipe pour les moments formidables que l'on a passé à Berne !
Sylvain, La Gâpette

Clouds at Buskers Bern 2017

Well, what can I say … I have never in my life seen and taken part in a better organised festival in such a wonderful place. All the time we were there, myself and Ray wanted for nothing because everything was there before us, food, drink, smiles, laughter, assistance, crowds and of course entertainment. Our job was made so much easier by the spirit of cooperation which seemed to run rich in the veins of Buskers Bern. To each and everyone involved I say heartfelt thank you.
Ian Bordley, Clouds.

Guy Verlinde at Buskers Bern 2017

[…] I wanna thank you for the warm welcome you gave me once again. I really appreciate the professionalisme of the organisation & the diversity of the acts, staff & volunteers. You managed to create something very extraordinary!!

You made my life easier than the first time as I only had 2 locations a day. Also I am very thankful I had some 'listen' locations, where I could play my softer songs to a seated listening audience. But I also enjoyed the late evening street stages where I could create a party on the streets.
I wish you all the best of luck for future editions of the festival. And I hope you can keep on finding the energy to continue, when there are setbacks. Because Buskers Bern is really extraordinary. But unfortunatly people don't really notice that, while it's up & running and take it sometimes for granted.

All the best & I am sure we will meet again.

Guy Verlinde

Mory Samb & Djam Rek at Buskers Bern 2017

Ich möchte mich noch herzlich bei dir bedanken für die grossartige Zeit die wir am Buskers hatten!
Wir haben es wirklich sehr genossen und euer Festival ist einfach der Hammer!!!

Vielen Dank auch für die super Organisation, Hilfe, Unterstützung und einfach alles.

Ich wünsche euch weiterhin viel Erfolg und hoffe, dass ich schon bald wieder am Buskers spielen darf :)
Manu (Mory Samb & Djam Rek)

The Sporthorses at Buskers Bern 2017

Das Buskers Bern ist als Festival nicht zu übertreffen: Alles ist liebevoll und doch super professionell eingerichtet, das Publikum erscheint zwar in Scharen, ist aber trotzdem offen, interessiert und zu allem bereit, Essen, Betreuung und Hutgeld waren herrvorragend. […]
Jonas und Andrea von The Sporthorses

Gabriela Mendes at Buskers Bern 2017

[…] I feel that with this event I grew up as an artist and as a person.
Both I and the musicians were amazed because it was a first experience in festivals of this genre.
Now I have returned to my beloved island and I keep in my mind these beautiful memories lived in Bern. […]
Gabriela Mendes

Tankus the Henge at Buskers Bern 2017

Just to let you know we arrived in London ok this morning and to say thanks for having us back at Buskers Bern. We had a great time and would like to thank you and all the volunteers who helped us out.
I am now going to get some sleep.
Mike (Tankus the Henge)

Pikzpalace at Buskers Bern 2016

Dear Buskers heroes,
billions of times thank you for the great festival, you’re all amazing, fantastic people. We had a great time in Bern (the most friendly, the most beautiful city). We love you! We love the Bern audience and we love the AARE!!!!!!!!
Pikzpalace, Boucherie Bacul

Fatras at Buskers Bern

Coucou Christine,
Mille mercis pour l'accueil envers la Cie Fatras.
Nous avons passé un sacré bon moment à Berne et même que si tu nous réinvites on revient. […]
Encore une fois merci, nous sommes repartis heureux de toutes ces chouettes rencontres. Longue vie au festival.
Bien à toi
P.S: aussi un grand bravo à toute ton équipe.
Marie pour la Cie Fatras

Liebe Christine,
wir möchten uns bei euch auch auf diesem Wege auch nochmal herzlich bedanken. Es war ein sehr schönes Erlebnis dabei zu sein.
Uns hat besonders gefallen:

Die gute Atmosphäre
Euer super Team
Seht gut durchdachte Organisation
Die Spielorte ganz besonders die geschlossenen Räume, die für uns sehr gut gepasst haben
und sehr Vieles mehr..............

Euch weiterhin viel Kraft und Freude für alles Weitere!
Rückmeldung von Künstlern, 2016

Richard and Goronwy at Buskers Bern 2015

[…] We just wanted to thank you and Christine again and again and again for having us at the amazing festival you create. We had a wonderful time. Please thank all your team - they all worked tirelessly.
We hope one day we can come back. […] The festival you have all made is wonderful and brings happiness to thousands of people and you should be very proud […]
Richard and Goronwy (Garathy & Thom)

Querida Christine, queridos de la producción, voluntarios y toda la familia Buskers Bern,
Les escribo […] para manifestar nuestros eternos agradecimientos por todo que recibimos en Berna […]. Ha sido una experiencia diferenciada de todas las que ya pasamos. Aprendimos mucho en estos 5 días de contacto con vosotros y nos ha servido para alimentar nuestra ilusión, nuestro sueño de seguir haciendo música, haciendo arte para este mundo que, a cada día, necesita mas amor, cariño, atención, harmonía, corazón, paz y muchas sonrisas.
Cuanto a la organización propongo, para todos aquellos que decidieren organizar alguno evento relacionado con arte y cultura, que tomen el camino hasta Berna para estudiar/aprender con vosotros como se hacen las cosas con amor, respeto y profesionalismo. […]
Espero que tengamos correspondido con vuestras expectativas y contribuido para que el festival siga su lindo camino […] Felicidades!
Todos nosotros artistas, agradecemos de corazón vuestra noble actitud de regalar arte pura para el planeta.
Que viva el BUSKERS BERN!!! El festival de la sonrisa. Besos desde Barcelona.
Paulinho Lêmos, Forró Afiado

[…] Au nom de toute l'équipe, encore un grand MERCI à toute ton équipe, on a passé 3 jours super et on revient quand vous voulez ! ;)
Sylvain, La Gâpette

Fatima Dunn am Buskers Bern 2015 (Bild: Nico Contesse)

[…] ich möchte Euch nochmals sehr herzlich fürs durchwegs gelungene Buskers danken.
Einmalig, top organisiert und sensibel geplant, liebevoll betreut und sowieso einfach gradios auf ganzer Linie. [ … ]
Im Anhang noch das legendäre Bild des letztes Sets kurz vor Stromausfall :)
Fatima Dunn


It's been a month now that we left Bern and we are still feeling the energy of the festival!!! We want you to know that we've been to amazing places and venues around Europe, but the Buskers Bern experience is one of our favorite ever!!
We had one of the best times of our lives, we made new friends from all over the world and we admired how all your team and volunteers work together to give this amazing result. It was an honor for us to play there and work with your fantastic team and along with all these wonderful artists!
Congratulations to all of you and thank you for you hospitality and your energy. This is definitely not the last you'll hear from us!
A big hug to all of you and our best wishes!!!
Kompanía (Greece)

L.O.V.E feat. Raiser & Jones'n'Bones

die ganze truppe und ich haben noch nie ein so intensives, abenteuerliches und einfach schönes wochenende erlebt, wie am BUSKERS. danke für dein vertrauen, deinen support und euer unglaubliches engagement!
ihr beschert mir seit 11 jahren die drei schönsten tage an meinem lieblingsort und nun durfte meine band  sogar ein teil davon sein, ich bin immer noch geflaaaaaasht!
Dävu von L.O.V.E feat. Raiser & Jones'n'Bones

Lightnin’ Guy

I would like to congratulate you and your whole staff for the wonderful experience Buskers Bern became for me.
Next to the very nice financial part & cd sales, this festival will linger in my memory as one of the most extraordinary venues I ever played. I am very happy that you and your sister were crazy enough to start this endeavour and after 11 years still know how to infect all volunteers & musicians with your enthusiasm. This is very special. May the light of Buskers Bern shine for many years into the future.
Lightnin’ Guy

Swiss Beatbox Masters

Merci pour cette super classe!!
vous avez même réussit à organiser le soleil...vous êtes trop forts!!! hehe
 un grand bisou à toute l'équipe du Buskers et a tous ces bénévoles super sympas!!!
Nino G., Swiss Beatbox Masters

Tristan Kruithof, Exoot

Thank you so much for that very great time at Buskers Bern.
Unfortunately we had to leave early morning yesterday without saying goodbye (I guess everybody was still sleeping). Today we start at the Boulevard Festival here in the Netherlands.
I now understand the Busker way of collecting money...and It was really special to see how this works in Zwitserland. We wish you a very good and healthy summer and thank you for your great hospitality.
Tristan Kruithof, Exoot

Laura and Lorenzo, Compagnia ZiBa

Grazie mille!! Thank you so much for the beautiful experience in Buskers Bern!
It has been really a pleasure to perform in this festival, to meet you and all the artists in a very special and unique atmosphere.
You did a great job, and it is not obvious to find together professionality, kindness, organisation, enthusiasm, all this in the same festival, so congatulations, complimenti!
Grazie ancora and big hugs to you and all the volounteers,
Laura and Lorenzo, Compagnia ZiBa