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Quelle: Le News, 27. Juli 2017

The streets of Bern’s Old Town will be crazy alive in two weeks with 150 musicians, clowns, puppeteers, actors, dancers and other performers from 25 countries. Plus lots of tasty international food.

Quelle: Le News, 12. August 2016

The first night showed how the festival turns Old Town into a colorful circus of wild and wonderful music and performance. There were bagpipes and kilts, a glam rock duo in sequins, a mini-puppet theatre, a Balkan choir, a woman doing live portraits on a sewing machine, and much more.

Quelle: FolkWorld #58 11/2015

Nando dedicated his Neapolitan love ballad “Carmela” to all the women in the audience and he mesmerized (not only) them with his hauntingly beautiful singing.

Quelle: Swissinfo, 7. September 2015

Regardless of whether the street performers strike it rich, buskers festivals are striking a chord in many parts of the world. In the Swiss capital, Bern, there’s a prize much bigger than hats brimming with spare change.

Swissinfo Podcast: Buskers brighten the streets of Bern

Bern is one of many international cities that celebrates the tradition of street performance with a multi-day festival. Join us for the Buskers Bern festival, and meet a musician who busks around Bern year-round.

Quelle: Nederlandse Publieke Omroep, 8. September 2013

Holländisches Fernsehen NPO begleitet She'Koyokh ans Buskers Bern. Englisch mit Holländischen Untertiteln.

EN: Dutch television programme NPO goes on tour with She'Koyokh.

Quelle: Lonely Planet, 18. Juni 2013

The annual Buskers Street Music Festival is ideal for budget-conscious music lovers: it fills the streets of Old Town with music and performances for free (or whatever you can toss in the hat).

How Bern celebrates the busker

Quelle: World Radio Switzerland, 13. August 2012

Bern celebrates the busker as the capital comes alive with the sound of music. There were 143 artists from 43 different countries at more than 30 venues around town. One artist said he thought the audience in Bern was more open to new things than any other he’d encountered. Calum MacKenzie reports:

Interview: "Waking the sleepy streets of Bern"

Quelle: World Radio Switzerland, The Wrap

Stef Reber (künstlerische Co-Leitung) bei World Radio Switzerland.